ShroomsAmazonian Cubensis



This well sought-after strain delivers a euphoric and creative energy boost- inspiring metaphysical philosophies that lead to unconditional happiness, peace and spiritual understanding.




The Amazonian Cubensis Strain was found in the Amazons in 1992 and has been one of the more popularly cultivated strains due to its benefits of a genuine psychedelic experience. Experienced shroomers have titled this “gift of nature” a versatile cubensis: Great for all situations and occasions. With a strong body buzz for the come up, Leading to beautiful geometric pattern visuals and settling into introspective insights and an all encompassing feeling of unity with the universe.

Microdose: 50-500 mg
Creative dose: 0.5–1g (test out these doses before taking at work!)
Typical Recreational dose: 2–3g (a full trip dose)
Heroic dose 5-8 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
God dose 10-28 g (Do not try this unless you are experienced with psilocybin and have done your research)
Take advantage of the synergistic effects from our select blends of microdose stacks
Our stacks can replace your medicine cabinet of nootropics supplements or even SSRI medication.


– To reduce the frequency and intensity of undesirable states caused by conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, Addiction, Mood Disorders, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, OCD, BPD among others
– To increase desirable states and outcomes, including: Creativity, Energy, Productivity, Focus. Flow States, Better Relationships, Personal Boundary Development, Athletic Coordination, Leadership Development, and many others.


This information is just for general overview please contact us for more information to see which is the right stack or dose for you.

    2 reviews for Amazonian Cubensis

    • Evan

      May 25, 2020 at 10:26 pm

      5 out of 5

      Honestly these were amazing and my favorite trip ever. Everything became more vivid and colorful. My two cats glowed when i was looking at them and it was so much fun to just sit there and pet them. My ceiling was also moving in different patterns. I tried 3.5G so I think thats a good baseline, might go up to 5G next time to see what that’ll bring!


    • James Breton

      July 22, 2020 at 4:53 am

      3 out of 5

      Be patient with these Shrooms.
      I ate A few grams and after an hour I felt nothing and decided to eat the entire 7 Grams.
      Big mistake, I had A very bad trip so please be patient!


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