Not just another cup of tea!

Elevate your mind, body and spirit with this supercharged, fruity blend! This delicious brew incorporates:

-potent organic yerba mate to give you an energy kick and mental alertness,

-hibiscus flowers that are full of antioxidants for an overall health boost,

-relieving anxiety lemongrass,

-ginkgo for treating depression and improving brain function.

We have added 500mg of our magic Golden Teachers to each bag to promote spiritual insights, better mood, creativity and lots of self-love!

Enjoy in the morning to revitalize your whole being.

You’ll feel royal with our Trusted Trips Eleva-Tea!

Cheers to good life!



This yummy brew comes in a pack of 3 or 10 teabags.

Each teabag boasts 500mg of Psilocybin – it’s perfect if you’re looking for a very light psychedelic experience. It’s a perfect gap between a microdose and a normal dose.

Share one teabag with a loved one and get a slightly elevated microdose for each of you!

Steep 2 or even 3 teabags for a highly elevated mind and consciousness.

Trusted Trips brings you the highest quality products, while making sure your whole being is holistically taken care of.

Our tea is non gmo, dairy free, gluten free, allergen free and vegan.


Turn on your favourite music, steep this tea with love for 5-10 minutes, pour your positive thoughts into the brew, make yourself comfortable and sip with an open mind.

*If you’re looking for a stronger Psilocybin kick- add fresh lemon to your tea.


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